It All Starts With a Dream

‘If You can dream it, you can become it– William Arthur

Sure, this quote is pretty motivational. But is it just that? What really happens when we ‘dream’ of something? How does it become a reality? What really happen ‘on the inside’ of you that you start taking actions towards it’s accomplishment?

When you ‘dream’ it, you actually think about it. It’s no longer just one thought – ‘dream’ implies repeated thinking and this makes your thought come to your focus. You start to think about if often , then constantly and when you call it a ‘dream’, you are probably obsessed with it. Your focus becomes so intense that you subconsciously start ‘moving’ in the direction of achieving it. Your mind starts to also think of ways of making it come true. What this does is that the ‘dream’ starts looking achievable – it no longer is just a dream.

And then small victories happen – the ‘dream’ comes closer and this sharpens your focus. You can now see the minute details which you start to work at. The small victories help you feel motivated ‘on the inside’. You start to maybe talk about the dream more often and start to feel even more excited about it. Your subconscious responds accordingly and gets you to see the dream coming true. You start to visualize it’s realization and feel even more inspired to take action.

Constant dreaming or visaulisation makes it come alive – you almost ‘live’ it in your thoughts and that has the power to make you achieve it. Athletes are known to visualize their sport to the point of perfection in their thoughts- so much so that then their subconscious executes it according to their visualization. Of course, nothing can compensate for the action they need to take to move towards their goals, but like mentioned earlier – ‘it all starts with a dream’

‘ I know those safe beneath the sheets, 

Will never see the dark so deep,

And there’s a reason that the dreamers

Aren’t the ones who are alseep’

                                                              —- e.h

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