Life & Performance Coaching

‘A coach makes you invest in the only surefire investment – your own growth as an effective human.’
Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin
The Properous Coach

Who is a Life Coach ?

A professional who is trained to make you take action to change your life.

A coach is your personal cheerleader who believes more in you than you yourself do ….

  • An NLP life coach helps you re-programme your mind, and encourages you to think in new ways.
  • Helps you break habitual patterns, explore and drop your limiting beliefs, and makes you design your life the way YOU want it.
  • Makes you face your fears, and overcome them,
  • Helps you to achieve your goals and live with a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
  • Supports you to build on your strengths and makes your dreams possible.



We, as NLP Life and Performance Coaches, are trained to work on the subconscious level. We are able to provide a suitable balance between life issues and performance objectives, thereby removing conflict and making room for performance with peace and contentment.

What a Life Coach is not

  • A Therapist
  • A Consultant
  • An Expert in your field
  • A Sympathizer or your best friend

Life Coaches Help You Get Unstuck By

  • Listening to what you are NOT saying
  • Making YOU aware of your actions(or inactions), beliefs, self image
  • Asking questions to challenge your beliefs; making your view ‘possibility-oriented’
  • Helping you define your identity and purpose.
  • Helping you take action – by giving you the push you might need to get out of the rut

With thousands of hours of learning and practicing NLP and having helped multiple clients through coaching experience, WINGS Team offers you NLP Life and Performance Coaching which deals with-

Professional/Personal Life Goals

Moving beyond Stagnation

Relationship Issues

Self-Worth Issues

Realising Dreams/Aspirations

Physical Healing – Pain

Getting Un-Stuck

Allergy/Phobia Cure

Feedbacks & Reviews

Coaching helped me think at a different level, making me now more aware about the changes around me. This has helped me deal with them better.

Priyanka Mann

M.B.A., Trainer

For me personally, her coaching helped bring a lot of clarity in terms of future direction that I wanted to take in my life personally and professionally.

Ruchika Rattan

Senior Partner, Marketing

Coaching has helped me develop more clarity in my thoughts and a positive attitude towards life. I no longer overthink things which are beyond my control or dwell in the past.   

Omar Shah

Corporate Trainer

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