Mindfulness with Microhabits

A WhatsApp Workshop


Simple! One Bite at a Time

Do you set goals towards a happier life and then fail to take action?

Maybe that’s because the goal looks too big or daunting. Our minds are conditioned to take the easier path.
So, make it easy for yourself by setting small do-able tasks for yourself.

Anything can be broken down to small steps and then mastered. Step-By-Step, build your mindfulness muscle with our-

A 30-day WhatsApp led Mind-Conditioning Program

Tiny steps, too easy to skip

Daily small disciplines, easy to build

Simple Mindful steps, become powerful habits

Best Way to Have More Meaningful Life

Do you want better relationships, better health or more success? Become MINDFUL of what’s not working and make small changes daily.

  • 30 Days WhatsApp Program

    Spend 5 minutes everyday to build habits for a more fulfilled and mindful life.

  • More Than 300+ Participants

    Our participants have experienced more fulfiled and happy life after our workshop.

What are Micro Habits?

What are you going to achieve by the end of this program? Why are we building MicroHabits?

MicroHabits, make it easier for us to weave mindfulness into our daily schedules. They are easy to do and make almost no demands on our time. By practicing something very small each day, day after day, we make it a habit – almost a reflex. And when we mindfully build in these MicroHabits, we start to see macro changes in the way we experience our lives!

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What Else You Will Get?

Certificate on Completion

30 Days Step-by-Step Workbook

Meet Your Trainers

Payal Talwar

NLP Life and Performance coaches (Neoway Academy, Banglore), NLP Master Practitioners (NFNLP, USA), LOA, and IFC certified trainers.

Priyanka Kumar

Let's See What Our Participants Have to Say...

People have experienced positive changes by taking daily small mindful steps towards more fulfilled and wholesome life.
Have successfully run 5 batches and touched over 300+ lives.
10+ years of experience in supporting people fulfil their dreams and lead happier lives

Frequently Asked Questions

There are small, easily do-able tasks every day, which lead to forming mindful habits. Setting daily intention, working on your relationships and gratitude all lead towards a happier life as they focus the mind towards the positives in life.
That is precisely what the programme aims to do. Daily action will result in it becoming a habit. It’s easy to do, and takes only 5 minutes a day. Being a tiny habit, each one builds on the previous. So, it is not something big or intimidating to the mind.
The cumulative effects are the result of repetition over a time period. When the mind sees the ease and the resulting good, it tends to repeat the action. This conditioning makes it a part of the lifestyle, soon.
Daily a 2 – 3 minutes’ video will be shared over WhatsApp at the beginning of the day. This supports easy understanding of the behaviour for the day, resulting in building of the microhabits.
As long as you break down the habit into small, ‘easy-to-do’ steps, any habit can be built up similarly. Once you have the tools, you can create the habits you want.
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