Fire it up – with Passion

‘Show me some passion, woman!’ No, no – this is not some cheesy line out of a sleazy movie – this is your mind calling out to you!

Are your days filled with a zeal to just get to it – do you jump out of the bed, excited with the thought of getting another chance to do what you love? Is there any activity – anything at all – that fills you up as nothing else? That makes you want to go on and on?

Think – think hard. It doesn’t have to be big – doesn’t have to make an impact on the world – if t can fill up YOUR life with a glow of happiness, you’ve got it!

And if not – if there’s not one thing that you can think of – it’s time to really experiment. Maybe it’s reading or cooking or taking a walk or listening to music or even just talking to your friends. Why not take time out to find out – try out a few things and see hwt really excites you – fills you with happiness! For me, it’s writing. I wish I could say I thought about it long and hard and came up with this. No – passion almost hits you in the face – it’s like, ’dude- can’t you see me!’. It’s obvious – and it’s more that just liking doing something. It keeps you up at nights and its something you want to do every time you get a chance. You make time for it – it feeds your soul.

Sounds a lot like being in love, right? It is – just that the intensity is much more. And to really get fired up – try increasing the  intensity of your passion so that it consumes you. That’s when you achieve results – that’s when your passion translates into success – whatever your definition of this indefinable term might be. That’s if you want your passion to lead to success – some people are content with just being passionate about something – and that gives them the fire to kickstart their day.

Whichever way you choose to live, a little passion definitely makes the difference between ‘existing it out’ and ‘living it up’. It is the distinction between surviving and thriving. 

So why just wait for a miracle to liven up the mundane – find your passion and fuel up your life today! 

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