A resolve-a promise to yourself

Which one is yours?

So, we do that often, don’t we? Resolve to read more, exercise regularly, start a blog, connect with friends etc etc etc. We might just start too – but somewhere along the way, it just wears off. The resolve, I mean. We still might desire the result but the intensity of the ‘want’ seems to fade away. What happens? Seemed so important when we started – I guess the effort seems just too much – is it worth it? Do we really want to put in the extra energy it demands? The cadence of resolve wavers and we’re left with an ‘intention’ in place of the ‘resolve’. This intention then brings with it the options of the ‘less demanding’ ways – the easier routes we could take to meet our ‘want’. And once we see the less demanding routes, we slip into the comfort they offer and our promise to ourselves gets aborted at the nascent or hallway-done stage.

Happens? Happens to me all the time. A resolve takes discipline – of following through on decided steps. The initial days are the toughest. If I decide to get up earlier to get into a discipline, the bed seems the coziest then – or if I decide to cut down on the flab by stopping to eat junk – invariably all the partying gets lined up right then! Is it the Gods testing us? Or is it that our focus now goes to these things? The bed was always as cozy, and the partying always must’ve happened – I just start noticing when it effects me more! So what I need to do is shift my focus. I need to focus on the cool air outside instead of the cozy bed. And I need to think of the music and fun in partying instead of the food! Easier said, right?!! ‘Whatever we focus on, expands’ – have always found this particular adage to be very relatable. When I try to avoid food, food is all that I see!

So, the key to not let the resolve dwindle is to swing the focus – very gyan based but does seem worth trying! So, that’s my current resolve to meet my previous resolve – and I’ll let you know when I succeed ☺

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