Mindfulness – a term that urges us to be aware of our focus at a particular moment and to be fully present in the moment. Being mindful is taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

All of us must’ve had the experience of reaching a destination and not having noticed anything about the journey? Or eating a full meal without being really aware of the taste of anything on our plate. We lose touch with what’s in that moment when we are not 100% present in it. And that leads to actions which we then have no control over. Like buying stuff we don’t need!

Today, we are starting a ‘Mindful Lifestyle Series’ which will focus on Going green – mindfully!

The three R’s- reduce , reuse and Recycle are almost household names now. And we, at Wings, urge you to focus on ‘Reduce’ more than others. If all of us could just reduce what we consume, buy or make, then a lot of waste produced can be avoided. Let’s think of all the things that we buy that just sit in our cupboards without really being used. Or the amount of foodstuff we order or even cook up when we have guests over! If the first step of consumption can be ‘mindfully’ reduced, the others are much simpler to follow.

So, the next time you buy something – take a moment to be mindful of the actual need. You’ll end up not just saving your money but also a lot of headache over taking care of all the extra stuff!! Now, doesn’t that really sound like a much more fun and hassle-free living!

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