Work from home

After sitting at home for years, I was left with no confidence. So I struggled to put myself in the job market and find value in my qualifications. 

I felt people I knew had all rushed past me over the years and gone way ahead. In my head, catching up to them meant that I had to sprint. Life was at a junction where I knew that I had to do something.

Accidently the doors opened for me, and I saw a post that changed my life. I grabbed onto the opportunity of developing #content  from home. I clearly remember that I had no idea what #contentcreation  meant then. I flowed just like a river would flow its course. Learned the art of #contentwriting on the job. 

5 years since I learned that working from home works if you are serious and dedicated. It does take a lot of effort to find an environment of the workplace at home. The initial struggles, finding a work-home balance, and most importantly, the family members to take your work as seriously as you do. Boundaries had to be set, timelines followed, and a clear demarcation for a work area.

Things I learnt that helped me over time are;

1) Setting up a calendar.

2) Forcing myself to stick to strict #timelines .

3) Finding a space at home which worked as my area of work; the moment I walked into this space, I m on my work hour.

4) No disturbance protocol to be explained to the family during work hours and calls.

5) Handling home chores well in advance.

6) Most vital thing to remember is to switch off from work at the right time. This empowered me to create a balance between work and home.

Others can take working from home seriously if only you take it. Finding the right balance will create a sense of accomplishment. Working from home has it’s many advantages, so why not utilise that work towards a better future while staying home. The future is here to change; let us be part of the change.

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