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Transformational Vocabulary -The Story We Tell Ourselves

Transformational Vocabulary -The Story We Tell Ourselves


7:23 AM. 

Ouch!!! And, then my body yawned… Creaking as every muscle stretched, trying to become longer preparing for the loooong day ahead. Such a packed week, every inch of mine is feeling drained. “Am exhausted”, the body achingly complained… Luring me back to sleep. Struggling to move, I tried to open my eyes and look at the daunting day. So much to do… And so little time. More I pictured my day ahead, more I yearned for night…to sleep again.

7:24 AM

The question I asked myself “Dude, really? Such restrictive words? Like, REALLY?”

7:25 AM (Retelling my story to myself)

My body yawned… And each muscle in my body excitedly chirped as if wishing the day a Good Morning! Every inch took time to wake up to the early chill as if savouring a hot cup of coffee – sip by sip. “I have been giving my best these past few days”, my body whispered. And yet, I could sense the excitement of the promise of a fulfilling day…so much time, and so much one can do. Committing to my dedication, I looked forward to turning in early at night for some refreshing sleep.

Could you experience the day differently…? As I did?

We get influenced by something someone close to us says.  Whether it is the review of a movie, or the method of curing a cough, we are constantly under the influence of what people say. However, have you noted who speaks to us the most, and thereby has the maximum influence on how we think?

We, ourselves!

We communicate with ourselves a lot, and in fact, I will go to the extent of saying, we talk to ourselves the most. There is a constant chatter inside our head, like a running commentary. And the most interesting part is, this narrative can shift from topic to topic in the blink of an eye.   Words are powerful and are always helping create our reality, our world.  Our life is defined by how we define our life like an adventure or a struggle? A challenge or a hurdle? A challenge or an insanely interesting challenge?!!!

Words create the story we tell ourselves. Being mindful about picking words that help you get a positive flavour, may just turn your day into a beautiful tale!


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