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Our firm belief is that our tomorrow begins today! Every decision we make today impacts our tomorrow.

For preparation for the future, whether it is to achieve higher targets, to improve team relationships, or to develop a feeling of citizenship within the employees, focused learning is the answer. Training your employees to align their personal goals with the organizational goals will lead to greater successes for both, the organisation as well as the employee.

Our training workshops are ‘SELF-REVAMPING CLINICS’ filled with dialogue & dance, learning & laughter, creative madness and mental mobility, all in equal measures. The workshops (using NLP tools and techniques) focus on bringing about a realization through self- introspection, experience sharing, some activities and a lot of discussion.

Our Mission is to add to the organizational climate through structured training modules which enhance the group and individual productivity by seeking to break the unseen mental & physical barriers.

Our coaches and trainers work towards assisting clients in becoming effective in self confidence, relationships, communication, motivation, and peak performance in any area.

NLP Practitioner certification Course

NLP Practitioner Certification Programme (OFFERED ONLINE) – this is a powerful and intensive 5 day (40 hrs) course designed to bring about a transformation in your life. The program will teach you to use NLP in your professional as well as personal life, thereby achieving the outcomes that YOU want. You will learn to use NLP to empower yourself, better your relationships, communicate most powerfully and lead a much more enriched and fulfilling life.

This program will help you:

  • Use the power of your mind to solve problems and overcome obstacles
  • Use language in ways to empower yourself and others        
  • Overcome conflicts – within self and others
  • Create empowering and motivating goals
  • Breakthrough fears and limiting beliefs
  • Create a blueprint of the life that YOU desire


Be Unstoppable – The FIREWALK Experience

Be Unstoppable – The FIREWALK Experience

Walking on burning embers is like conquering all the fears you ever had AND emerging a winner. The exhilaration, the feel of being a winner, being UNSTOPPABLE is UNPARALLELED

During the program, the participants will:

  • Become aware of their limiting beliefs
  • Become aware of the life they truly desire
  • Overcome and breakthrough their limiting beliefs and unconscious fears
  • Identify the strong power and resources each one has within themselves.
Limit The Limitations - A GLASSWALK Experience
Below view of happy businessmen standing in a meadow and listening to their female colleague talking.

Limit The Limitations – A GLASSWALK Experience

Walking on broken glass shards, hearing the cracking glass and yet, carrying on, anchors a very POWERFUL and EMPOWERING belief in self.

‘Limit the Limitations’ is a full day experience which involves exploring one’s limiting beliefs and setting oneself free. It embeds the Power of the Mind in the unconscious and enables one to become UNSTOPPABLE.

The Program focuses on helping participants in:

  • Challenging and overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Strengthening the mind
  • Finding the resources within oneself
  • Overcoming all fear
  • Making a blueprint for the life THEY desire
You are BIGGER than you think

You are BIGGER than you think

This two – day workshop, designed solely by AYESHA CHOPRA, aims to empower participants to create a purposeful & successful life and translate their aspirations into tangible reality.

In these two days participants will be able to:

  • Gain a deeper insight into their life-purpose and direction
  • Apply proven success strategies to achieve heartfelt goals​
    • Appreciate their uniqueness and have a sense of pride in themselves
  • Learn how to turn fear and anxiety into determination and confidence​
  • Recognize internal and external roadblocks to success​
  • Develop positive thought patterns and empowering belief systems
  • Learn to improve their interpersonal communication to have better relationships
  • Become architects of a fulfilling, meaningful and successful life
I Plead Not Guilty

I Plead Not Guilty

A working woman’s struggle of balancing work and home ends here.

During the program, the participants will:

  • ​Understand that ‘guilt’ is a nearly universal phenomenon for women
  • Realize that they, like the men, have a right to enjoy their work/home
  • Learn to develop and maintain harmonious relationships, thus enriching life
  • Use empowering words and tools to be their MOST resourceful selves – to boost feelings of self-worth
  • Plan out ways to tackle guilt – Use laughter and humor to lessen the stress caused
  • Create a blueprint of a happier and more successful personal life
The Jumbilical Cord – Mom and Me
jumbilical cord-corr3

The Jumbilical Cord – Mom and Me

Aimed at bringing the mother and daughter come closer to each other, and forge a deeper relationship of trust and understanding.

The program ensures that participants:

  • Discover the beauty of the woman – in ‘self’ and ‘her’
  • See HER as a person – without the ‘roles’ she plays
  • Become aware of the value they add to each other’s lives
  • Realize the responsibility are they willing to take towards the other person
  • Learn to respect each other’s perspective
  • Appreciate the ‘FUN’ things they can do together
Bekhauf Azzad


A 2-day workshop aimed at making women feel fearless and free in all their interactions in life

During the workshop, the participants will:

  • Change their beliefs about feeling lesser than anyone
  • Explore the beliefs that may be coming in the way of them trusting other people
  • Recognise their strengths and experience the freedom of thought
  • Fight the fears and learn about physical and emotional safety
  • Create and move towards the life they truly desire
Sales Made Easy (using NLP in Sales)

Sales Made Easy (using NLP in Sales)

The focus of this program remains on how to become a salesperson who does not ‘close a deal’ but ‘builds a relationship.’

Using tools and techniques of NLP, the participants learn how to

  • Focus on their own emotional states
  • Identify their values and limiting/ useful beliefs about selling
  • Focus on what the customer needs, rather than what they want the customer to have.
  • Increase their customers’ satisfaction rating, and get repeat business
  • Develop ability to create rapport with their customers, because if they buy you….they will buy from you!
  • Use NLP tools and techniques to model excellence from great salespeople
Connections – Fostering relationships, with Yourself and Others

Connections – Fostering relationships, with Yourself and Others

Relationships are unarguably the most valuable part of life, and to have an ability to have great relationships with self, and others, is bound to lead to a happier and more successful life.

The session is filled with numerous NLP tools and techniques to

  • Go through intense introspection, self-awareness and discoveries
  • enable you to recognise your current reality and the gaps in life
  • Help you understand and relate better to yourself, and others
  • Explore your strengths and limitations when it comes to your relationships and
  • Learn some practical tools to aid you in building and fostering stronger ties
Grow Your Wings

Grow Your Wings

A program aimed at students of middle and high school, to help them have the courage to dream, and then the fortitude to go after them.

Grow Your Wings is a day spent in literally adding wings to your dreams

After the workshop, the students will:

  • Become more proactive about their dreams and then know how to convert them into reality
  • Visualize their ideal life and create a motivation to move towards it
  • Recognize what may come in the way of their goals
  • Become more self- assured with more faith in their abilities
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude