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Self Coaching: Dealing with change

Self Coaching: Dealing with change

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Change is harder for some people.. And I guess I’m a staunch member of this club. The change leaves me restless and I long for familiarity, the comfort of my home and my surroundings.

So I did a bit of self-coaching.
First I identified what about the change made me uncomfortable – it was  the loss of my comfort zone, my home in this case
And also the security of the home – the physical house as well as the set routine with the family

So, I looked for all things familiar in my changing situation, which could give new that sense of security. There are, after all, some aspects which do remain the same. Once I listed those down, I made another list – a list of some aspects that offered more security than my previous state. Though one of my kids would leave, this change would mean the rest of us being together – which in my head, increased the feeling of security.

Then I decided to play with the language. For me, change meant a turmoil or an upheaval – I asked myself – Was change really an upheaval or a turmoil? Could it just be a state of flux? Or just some minor unsettling event? As I wrote down,’Change is ……..’, I started feeling better as I used more and more ‘less intense’ words to describe it. I finally settled for ‘change is.. Just that..a change.. a temporary shift …Nothing more’

When I got comfortable with this thought, I decided to play along a bit.
I started writing about how change could even be exciting… So now.. the sentence.. Change is…… got new dimensions.
The change became an adventure, a way to explore places, a way to build up myself, a way to get new stuff etc etc. Change now became fun… Only because I showed my mind to view it as such

So, what did I actually do? I looked to fulfill my core value of security by identifying the things that remained the same in the change. I also played with the language to make change seem like a minor transition which could even be fun

So, I just changed the way I viewed my world…  And with that, my world changed!!!!

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