i texted with her by saying whats a problem? Tell her you dont want to rush into it and that you just want to see what happens. In the following guide, I will share the strategies I tell clients to use when their girlfriend says she needs space. Before you jump to conclusions, ask her what she means. Dont tell me that you and her have a special bond, a ton of inside jokes, and that your relationship is different than everyone elses. Look deep inside and figure out what you want from life. Those moments of excitement are what lifes all about, man. Read that sentence again 10 times and repeat it daily until it sticks in your mind. More than 50% of communication is nonverbal. She said she needs to look at the situation and decide if we should proceed. The final and most important piece of advice I can give you is to level up! As a result, shell ask for space so she can figure things out. We all have a different level of tolerance for insecurity in a relationship. Dating Mastery (click here to download your copy). When a girl says she needs space Here is the bigger picture of this all. Why would a girl have to pretend to need time when shes just not that interested? This means you can't contact her at all during that time and you shouldn't try and do anything that will persuade her to change her mind. It just means that you should give her some time and space to figure out what she wants. No, my friend, shes asking YOU to take the lead like a man and decide. me: be safe always .. hope to hear ur voice again *piggy emoticons* They have feelings and experience emotions at every level in their lives. Its better to back off if youre not sure what shes actually thinking. Of course, its natural to want to be in love, but what she really wants is just some fun and comfort. And thats what your girlfriend wants to be part of, the rush you experience. She could tell you that she needs time after a breakup if shes not yet sure about her feelings for you. What youre basically doing is checking up on her to see what shes doing. You cant be around someone 24/7 and still think they are the hottest thing on the planet. her: okey u *flower emoticon*. I know that she makes you laugh, helps you forget about your bad day, and lets be honest, the sex is great. Have you or both of you lost sex drive? Dont worry, you dont need to give her a new experience every week. Theres nothing wrong with being gay so if she wants time to think about it, then give her time. If shes overwhelmed, then chances are that she just needs some space to recuperate. she:everything is okie, me:i feel so bad i am going away because if my presence and absence doesnt affect you why should i be here? i feel lil relaxed hearing it and i said ok tell me when you are here. This is a guide for a child/little princess. She might have academic goals that are taking up all her headspace. It could just mean that shes feeling overwhelmed and needs some space. Wir teilen auch Informationen ber Ihre Nutzung unserer Website mit unseren Social Media-, Werbe- und Analysepartnern. WebIf your girlfriend says she needs space but she tells you how much she loves you, its usually because she is going through a stressful period in her life. Either way, the best thing you can do is wait patiently and try not to put her on the spot. Sometimes needing time is just a cheap painkiller. Nobody wants to live in an emotional prison with their partner you both need to spend time apart. When your partner says, they need space its typically because of the following reasons. Its perfectly healthy to have a girl who asks for time because shes not sure what she wants. Thats an example of an anxious attachment style. Its not that she is saying this as an excuse. i told her everything is okie mom we are texting daily look nothing is wrong You might feel weak. However, what you DONT want to allow is for her to abuse it and do it constantly, especially when its totally uncalled for. Well, she may want space, but that doesnt mean that she should be the only one making demands. Dont get it twisted, women like it when you tell them about your insecurities as long as youre not aggressive or demanding of them to somehow shoulder the burden of your issues. If so, was this a good conversation or did you feel like you literally wanted to run? Shes at the point where she says she doesnt know what she wants anymore and shes asking for space from both of us. Armed with the expert guidance you deserve and the support of a community of like-minded men, you can level up your lifestyle and take mastery of your masculine power. You should respect her wishes and give her space. You should have all the power and control in your own life you never have to settle for second best. 2. Wondering if youre attracted to an emotionally unavailable woman? When she decides she wants space, she will tell you about it. Youve earned an answer. She might come back around and try things with you again, but it wont last. Creating this space is crucial for getting her attraction back. Think back. Up until this point we have been great, but lately things between my ex wife and i has caused some drama in our relationship and caused my girlfriend to take a step back. i acted here again with chill mind. You have been allowed to revitalize the relationship and get it back on track. If shes interested in a different guy, you might be wondering why she doesnt just break up with you and get on with it. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Focus on finding a new job that invigorates you. You both need time to figure things out and have lives that are separate from one another. 10 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Asking For Space (And What Space Really Means), How to Torch Fat Off Your Body With The Steak and Eggs Diet, How the Herschel Walker Diet Turns Your Body Into a Fat Burning Furnace and Makes Life Easy, How to Increase Your Semen Shot By 500% With This Fail-Proof Method, 5 Reasons Why You Should Run 5 Miles Every Morning, 5 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Makes Intermittent Fasting Easier & More Effective, 10 Reasons Why Combining The Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting & Jumping Rope Will Turn Your Body Into a Fat-Burning Furnace, 10 Most Common Mistakes Men Make That Force Women To Put Them In The Friend Zone, 10 Reasons Why She Wants To Take a Break From Your Relationship, 10 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Asking For Space (And What "Space" Really Means), 15 Words to Say on The First Date to Drive Her Crazy All Night (In a Good Way), 3 Dangerous Mistakes Guys Make With Women, 3 Ways To Be More Attractive And Interesting To Women, 4 Horrific Mistakes Men Make With Women On First Dates, 5 Mistakes Men Make When Meeting Women Online, 5 Rules You Must Follow After Getting Her Phone Number, 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Friends With Women You Want to Date (plus a fail-proof response to use when she suggests being just friends), 7 Things Every Man Must Do After A Break Up, 7 Things Men Do That Ruin First Dates With Women, 8 Reasons Why You Can't Get Over Your Ex-Girlfriend, A Simple Tip to Start Conversations With Women. Consider whats going on in her life, to the best of your knowledge. You might churlishly say that you need space anyway. There are 3 things you can always improve: A man should set goals for these three things on the regular. The phrase I need time to think could be an example of this because most girls are afraid to admit that they want you as much as you want them. as i have said i want to be alone for a while Some guys who this happens to become very bitter about women in general, but remember that this isnt a gender thing. She actually replied with a smiley face when I told her that, which was weird to me. I know that I was always skeptical about getting outside help, until I actually tried it out. When your girlfriend still texts you after saying she wants space, then shes not playing fair. Paul Brian This is obviously not what you want to hear from a girl you have feelings for, but trying to force it will just hurt even more. going out to lunch, playing a game, etc.) 2. Ask yourself what youd do if she complained constantly and it began to drive you crazy. I felt like my world was crumbling around me. And youd be right to wonder. And once you start doing that, theres no telling how much happiness and fulfillment you can find within yourself and with your relationships. Wed only been dating for like a month and a half. If she doesnt like you back, its because her emotions arent in line with her reasoning and that means she cant see beyond herself at the moment. It may be nothing at all to do with you, but also something that she needs time and space with rather than closeness from you. Its easy to feel lonely when youve been single a long time, but nothing gets rid of that feeling and produces its opposite like being in a relationship. WebWhen a woman says I need time to think, it usually means give me some space because you are smothering me and its making me feel less attraction for you So good job not messaging her after that. now i wasnt texting her, 4th day Let us know when you find her. If you really want to make someone laugh, tell them theyre in denial about something. Take your time in reacting and really digest this. All rights reserved. In your current situation you sound like you are both young as I was with my first wife. This situation can be a little tricky. If a girl is cautious about getting hurt, it might be because shes scared of being vulnerable to your feelings and getting hurt. Make it a priority to improve your physical health and be on top of your grooming. There are countless new things for the two of you to experience together. Women, ALL WOMEN, need time away from their boyfriends. Just like you need time alone sometimes, your partner also needs their own space. Sometimes, but it depends on the situation. When a woman youve been with for a while says she needs space, there could be other things going on. Systematically criticizing Its only gonna lead to long term problems for your relationship and yourself if you continue to put on a false confidence and never tell your girl how you *actually* feel. Let her know that youre willing to take a risk with her if shes willing to take one with you. He may be a shaman, but hes experienced the same problems in love as you and I have. To establish a healthy family relationship, you both need space. Youre hurt, and so you want to lash out. Ultimately, a variety of factors could lead to your girlfriend telling you she needs space. Was it when you asked to split the bill? It doesnt always mean shes thinking about leaving you when she needs space. I recommend you download my bookso you can learn everything there is know about keeping a woman happy and interested in you. Ask what she means by space and how you can give it to her. Make plans with your friends, go on that vacation youve been eying up, or even hit the gym every day. The day after that I got the idea to ask her to let me take her to a movie and dinner. Think of this as a time when you can reset the rules of your partnership. The day will come when she says I just need some space right now. Heres how I can help in my new FREE training on becoming a stronger Grounded Man: 1. It might mean becoming more social. In some cases, a girl tells you she needs more time but what she really means is that she misses her independence. Yes, its important to set your own boundaries, but the language of allowing in this context sets a dangerous precedent for trying to control women as if they are possessions or pets. You dont need to give her a hard time. Sometimes people whove been recently broken up actually need time to give themselves a chance to heal before getting back into another relationship. Are men just incapable of keeping a woman happy? If you want specific advice on your situation, it can be very helpful to speak to a relationship coach. They get nervous that she is fading, and so they get the urge to text This is a sensitive issue and you shouldnt judge or make fun of anybody whos different from you. You can take her to a new restaurant, a concert shes never been to before, kayaking, fishing, wine tasting, and so on. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. This writer shoulda stopped after point #1, straight up. One of the tips I often give here is to let her know that youre willing to wait for her as long as she needs. Three possible explanations: Youre smothering her Youre perhaps too much on her back. We all have different ideas of space. If you make $10/hr. Your email address will not be published. I told her Regardless of who changes, your girlfriend will notice that things just arent the same anymore. They dont get a haircut as often, they wear the same clothes for months/years, and they lose the lively attitude theyonce had. January 16, 2023, 9:33 am, by All Rights Reserved. i hope u understnd that, im just busy with myself n work, thats why its hard for me to have someone Panic floods your body, and you envision losing her. Sometimes asking for more time is just a way of her saying she doesnt know how she personally feels. and email me to my secret email address on the last page. !, mine is over 6 years and her son and myself was winding her up saying why do u have snapchat and she thought i didnt trust her so she kicked us out and her nephew told me she wanted time and space and she did same to her son who 23 on xmas eve been like 8 days which i dont see point why she doing it, Your email address will not be published. Many menlet themselves go when they getcomfortable in a relationship. Another one of the things it means in some cases when she needs time is that shes not OK. She says to give her space to think about it but didnt give any approximate time. By guest, 10 years ago on Dating. So, heres the reality, and I wont lie to you, its not good. If you dont have this conversation in person, you could miss out on the entire subtext and misinterpret everything. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); *If you want to speak to me directly and get my advice on your specific situation. When a girl says she needs time to think, it means that she wants to be alone for a while to process her thoughts and feelings. Just hang out with some more women and get their perspective on what it takes to attract a girl who has the kind of qualities that youre looking for in a girlfriend. Your best bet is to find out why she wants to take a break or go slow, but to do so in a reasonable and calm way. In the meantime, ask yourself if youre going to wallow in self-pity or let it motivate you to be a better man and improve yourself. There is always a reason behind a girl wanting space and it is going to be your fault. Easy, you make a little effort to discover new and fun things to do. I know that last sentence seems harsh, but its the cold hard truth, my brother. But that doesnt take the sting out of it. [deleted] 8 yr. ago. rather than romantic. As her boyfriend, its your responsibility to lead and guide her? Dont *allow* her bad behavior? Damn, that is some misogynistic garbage. *If you want to speak to me directly and get my advice on your specific situation, click here to download my book and email me to my secret email address on the last page. i lied her with a hope that nothing would be wrong Before you can establish the high-quality relationship you deserve, you need to work to become an elite man from whom she cant walk away. Or, worse after months or years of being together, your girlfriend said she needs space to time and think. Relationships are exciting and can be great, but they also involve a lot of risks, and risks always involve taking the time to think about them. Each day Ron and Maxine Flewett wait for the phone to ring, hoping it is the news they have waited 20 months for. To get her back, you have to make sure Do this with an open mind, without anger or blame. Weve all been there when a girlfriend has needed space. No one is saying its easy but dudes we need to be smarter with this stuff! Shes perfectly entitled to take some time to think because sometimes people need to take care of themselves first and foremost. We were having a normal conversation at dat but with few and short texts.She told me she is with her friends at home.I thought its okie. She might be trying to play it off as nothing, saying that shes just so busy these days and needs some time off. Over text, you might take this at face value, but in person, she may say this with telltale signs of being uncomfortable shifting her eye contact, shaky voice, etc. She deserves better than this so dont force yourself on her if youre not 100% sure that its what she wants. This is not uncommon in the world today and girls are opening up more to being comfortable with who they are and having open relationships with other girls. She might just be looking for a nice guy to spend her time with. I was sitting on the couch with my girlfriend when she suddenly said she needed time to think. Of course, if a partner's request for space seems completely ridiculous, you don't have to go along with it. The reality is that the I need space comment happens often all over the world. so my gf furiously text in my sister mobile by saying she wanna talk with me. 3. It also depends enormously on the strength of your connection with this girl. Just let her know that youre there for her when shes ready to talk and try not to take it personally if she needs some time to herself. If she says she needs time, try to absorb it without getting angry. When a woman says she needs space, sometimes it's because she knows that a man is doing everything in his power to be with her. It can strengthen your relationship. Wir verwenden Cookies um Inhalte und Anzeigen zu personalisieren, um Social-Media-Funktionen zur Verfgung zu stellen und unseren Traffic zu analysieren. She might want a few weeks apart. If you think thats the right move, you havent been paying attention to my advice in this guide. Yes, give her space, but damn, do it because shes a human with needs just like a man is. Women are interested in strong, confident men who they feel safe with.
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