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Ever wondered how we always live up to the ‘labels’ we give ourselves?

When we can ourselves ‘punctual’, ‘spiritual’ or ‘an avid reader’, we make sure we justify these ‘tags’. Every time I say, I’m a fitness enthusiast, I make sure I stick to my workouts. Every woman who calls herself ‘houseproud’, goes out of her way to make sure her house matches her level of perfection. These ‘labels’ define who we become.

And as empowering labels make us resourceful, disempowering labels limit us. If I give myself the label of ‘lazy’ or ‘fat’, it’s very unlikely that I’ll tread the path of fitness! Or if I say I’m ‘petrified of numbers’, I’ve already decided that I can’t be a mathematical genius!

The good news is that it’s in our hands. Or our minds. We can create our labels and if we say them out often enough, our actions and behaviors will be the kinds that justify that label.

So, you want to be seen as someone who takes charge, create your new identity. Say, ‘lm a natural leader’. Say this to people around you, and you’ll find yourself being a leader more and more. Give yourself an identity which is compelling enough and you’ll see yourself taking action too.

And the best part is that we can even expand our identities. We can ask ourselves.. ‘what more can I become’, ‘what more do I want to become?’ By asking and redefining our identities, we create limitless possibilities for growth.

Some tricks in life are simple… It’s a matter of deciding who you want to be. Give yourself the identity that YOU want – and your mind will make you take the steps to make it come true. As simple as that 🙂

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