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Coaching: Some FAQ’s

Coaching: Some FAQ’s

Questions – that open the possibility of you reaching your best version …when answered


  • “How can you coach me? You don’t even know about the work I do!”

If you are wanting to learn the next trick trending for business – you need a business coach. However, if you are willing to explore how to come up with your OWN strategies, to come up with new ways that excite you to reach your next level at business – a Life Coach is the one to get help from.

A Life Coach works with you to become aware of the ways you are limiting yourself – and helps you breakthrough those limitations.


  • “How many sessions does one need? I barely have any time to breathe – let alone be coached…”

There is no prescription for coaching.  No diagnosis. No doses taken OD, BD, TDS or HS.

Breakthroughs happen in one session, and at times, it is a journey that the coachee and coach take together that may last for 3/6 months – 1 year. It depends on what goal does the coachee want to achieve.


  • “I am doing well, just got an award at work.  Why would I need to be coached?”

You must have heard, what got you here will not get you there.

Validation for one’s work is a sure motivator. It is the recognition of the potential a person has.  And yet, highly recognized and successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Hrithik Roshan, Bill Clinton all had life coaches.

  • Why?

Because what’s high for the public, may not be high for them. Their bar is set higher. And there is always an even higher level on which they can play. A coach comes in here, to help them find their own motivation that boosts their performance to a 100% plus.


  • “Are results guaranteed? If not, then why should I bother…”

Only the result of a ball thrown in air is guaranteed.

Result of coaching is not random, nor a draw of luck, but a relationship, which is built on trust – that helps the coachee move in the direction of the chosen goal.

The only thing that a coach may be able to guarantee is complete commitment of effort and focus. And it’s a guarantee, that he/she will seek the same level of commitment from the coachee.


  • “How will Life Coaching help my employees? What will be the Return On Investment?”

Your teammate may be a different person at home and at work.  And however much we hope that the employees keep their personal and professional lives apart – we are dealing with the same one person. One version of them is bound to overflow and impact the other.

While mentoring for professional skills has its own place in grooming employees, it is LIFE COACHING, that helps groom the person – to handle stresses, take smart decisions, be better adjusted, nurture relationships, have value-aligned goals, etc – and that is what impacts all aspects of their work and home.

A happy team has a better ROI than a skilled team.

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