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Karnika Ahlawat

Participant – Firewalk

FIREWALK was a life transforming experience. I felt light and energized after the session. The workshop helped me change negative thoughts to positive energies.

Hetal Shekhawat

Participant – Firewalk

The power and strength I felt within me during the workshop is indescribable. If we can let go of our fears then we are unstoppable.

Ruchita Maheshwari

Participant – Firewalk

When I walked on glowing embers I felt as if I am walking on my fears and reaching my
beautiful future which I have painted for myself.

Deovrat Pagay

Participant – Firewalk

The workshop helped me break barriers in my subconscious mind. It has made me aware of my mind and opened new horizons.

Anu Rana

Participant – Firewalk

I had thought that when the time comes to walk on fireI will make a polite excuse but the pre workshop learning convinced me otherwise. Now I feel a sense of peace and my focus is clear.

Ritu Narain

Participant – Better Connections

with self and others
(The workshop)…helped me unlock my deepest emotions, and I stood bare, facing my hurt that I was nurturing. These are divine coincidences which we either miss or don’t acknowledge. And I did neither! 🙂


Participant – Tile-Break

I always believed that there are certain beliefs which I can never let go but I could express so much. I feel that if I could break those tiles I can do anything.


Participant – Tile-Break

I felt a lot of happiness and strength after the Tile Break. I see a very positive change in myself. I never thought I could break 5 tiles, but after doing that, I felt very happy and positive. Everything is possible now.


Participant – Tile-Break

After breaking the tiles and getting every emotion out of my system – I felt happier and sorted. The tilebreak gave me clarity to charge myself and invest my time in things that matter.


Participant – Tile-Break

The tilebreak helped me identify the things inhibiting my growth. It was a breakthrough- I felt a huge weight off my shoulders.


Participant – Tile-Break

The tilebreak helped me unlock the reasons which made me unhappy and dejected. The intensity of these emotions faded after the workshop.

Seema ( Senior General Manager)

Coaching helped me become aware, acknowledge and accept my feelings. I think Life Coaching is a must for life – just to see the path ahead clearly and to be able to move purposefully forward

Ruchika Rattan (Senior Partner, Marketing)

For me personally, her coaching helped bring a lot of clarity in terms of future direction that I wanted to take in my life personally and professionally.

Deepa Santosh(M.B.A., Yoga Therapist)

Coaching has helped me prioritize my objectives. It helped clear the confusion in my mind and get clarity to achieve my dreams.

Omar Shah (Corporate Trainer)

Getting coached … was an excellent experience. Not only did it help me realise my true potential, and calling, but it also motivated me to a different level in terms of prioritising my life, and managing anxiety and stress.

Dr. Mamata (B.D.S., M.B.A.)

Coaching has helped me develop more clarity in my thoughts and a positive attitude towards life. I no longer overthink things which are beyond my control or dwell in the past. This newfound positivity has made me active and I feel light.

Priyanka Mann (M.B.A., Trainer)

Coaching helped me think at a different level, making me now more aware about the changes around me. This has helped me deal with them better.

Yuthicka (Oral Pathologist)

Coaching helped me find loyalty to my best self and core values

Mandira (B.A. Visual Arts, Yoga Teacher)

Coaching helped me recognize my own strength and move forward

I got a lot of clarity and direction after my coaching sessions- was able to clear the cobwebs in my mind and take a decision


I gained a lot of clarity and perspective after my coaching sessions. I was able to clear the cobwebs in my mind nd take important decisions

Amit Raje, EVP Marketing Alliances, Religare Finvest Limited

As a part of Digital Marketing Social Media initiatives at Religare Finvest Limited we had engaged WINGS to partner with us to handle the complete 360-degree communication. Team at WINGS is extremely efficient and has a clear sense of market realities and an ability to map those with innovative emerging trends.

Aman Narula
Positive Ally President and Founder

Our project requirement was… was not an easy task as it required defining a content
production process across a virtual team that was spread out across 2 continents and
multiple cities. The project was a success!

Manisha – Bee Sting Allergy

I was hospitalized after a honey bee bite. I had developed hives, laboured breathing and disorientation. I was told that if I was ever bitten by a honey bee again I would die. My coach took me through a session. About 10 days ago, I was bitten by a honeybee. She saved my life.

Preeti Kapoor – Allergic Asthma

I had been suffering for the past 7 years, feeling a little breathless during my morning walks. Diagnosed with mild asthma, I was put on medications and puff. My coach took me through a couple of NLP sessions, and soon I started noticing a difference.  Now I am 85% better.

Prashanthi – Incessant Sneezing

I would sneeze and had a chronic stuffy nose and headache. Allergies had limited my life. After the sessions, I have upped my game and started listening to my body with awareness. I can operate normally.

Suman Mittal – Allergic Skin Rashes

I had itching and rashes on my feet for 2 years. These sessions worked like magic and the itching disappeared and rash has reduced. The best part is that I am not taking any medication.

Madhavi Tanikella – Lactose Intolerance since 13 years

Could not drink chai, eat pizza and if I ever got greedy, I used to struggle with my stomach for days. After the sessions, I can drink a whole glass of milk. Very Grateful!

Somya Sharma – Weather Allergy

The first session itself took away my cold and improved my breathing. With a few more sessions I am 100% cured. I haven’t taken anti allergic medicines since last 6 months.

Vimla Rao – Allergic to Air Conditioner

I was suffering from an allergic cough for years. Exposure to air conditioning would trigger bouts of cough. After these sessions, there has been a major improvement in my cough. Now I can sit in an air-conditioned room for sometime.

Dhaval – Sea-food Allergy

About 4 years ago I stopped eating prawns because I developed an allergy to them. After session with WINGS Team coaches, I have again started eating prawns and feel absolutely fine. A big thanks.

Lekhraj – Skin Allergy since 13 years

I had tried everything from homeopath to ayurvedic treatment but nothing worked. After 4 sessions with my coach I am totally fine and healed.

Baldeep Kaur – Allergic Cold

After a single session, my son’s nasal congestion and cold has improved. Thank you.

Mallika Singh – Urticaria

I was on anti allergic medication for 6 months for my rashes but my condition didn’t improve. After a couple of sessions, I could harness the allergy that I have and have been allergy free for 4 months.

Jayshree Harsha – Eye Allergy

My eyes would constantly water.  Tried everything available but nothing worked. After 4-5 sessions my eyes are normal and I can wear kajal without it running all over my face. I am cured.

Devangini Mahapatra – Pollen allergy

The WINGS team coach led me through simple effective core NLP processes that helped me get over my allergy issue. And now I find myself asking Allergy- what allergy?

Ebba Soin – Contact Lenses’ Allergy

Recently, my eyes were rejecting contact lenses, and I had to wear glasses instead. I had one session with my coach. That same evening I wore my lenses, and there was no pain. It has been 3 months, and my eyes are comfortable with lenses.

Nimisha Tiwari – Lactose Intolerance

A few sessions cured me of my lactose intolerance by re-training my subconscious mind.

Rajeshwari – Pollen Allergy

These sessions helped me come out of my regular allergies. Now I can eat everything including my favourite ice creams. Occasionally I do get my allergies back but overcome those by suggestions given to me. I don’t need to consume anti allergic tablets.

Shirali Puri – Gluten Allergy

I would bloat up and my face would get pimples after eating gluten products. After the NLP sessions my face has cleared up and I can sometimes consume gluten products without bloating.

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