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Transformational Vocabulary- The Story We Tell Ourselves

7:23 AM. 

Ouch!!! And, then my body yawned… Creaking as every muscle stretched, trying to become longer preparing for the loooong day ahead. Such a packed week, every inch of mine is feeling drained. “Am exhausted”, the body achingly complained… Luring me back to sleep. Struggling to move, I tried to open my eyes and look at the daunting day. So much to do… And so little time. More I pictured my day ahead, more I yearned for night…to sleep again.
7:24 AM
The question I asked myself “Really? Such restrictive words? Like, really?”
7:25 AM (Retelling my story to myself)
My body yawned… And each muscle in my body excitedly chirped as if wishing the day a Good Morning! Every inch took time to wake up to the early chill as if savoring a hot cup of coffee – sip by sip. “I have been giving my best these past few days”, my body whispered. And yet, I could sense the excitement of the promise of a fulfilling day…so much time, and so much one can do. Committing to my dedication, I  looked forward to turning in early at night for some refreshing sleep.
Could you experience the day differently… As I did?
Words create the story we tell ourselves. Picking words that help you get a positive flavor, may just turn your day into a beautiful tale!