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The Power of Questions

We always live life looking for answers, whereas if we ask ourselves some powerful questions, we’d automatically come up with the answers.

The power of our solutions, after all, lies in the questions we ask ourselves. If we ask ourselves, ‘what is the problem?’ – then the problem is what we’ll get. If on the other hand, we ask ourselves, ‘what can I do to get to a solution?’ – a solution is what we may end up with. And even if we don’t get one immediately, the process of thinking of the solution would’ve started.

Some questions that I’ve often found useful are – ‘what am I grateful for today? ‘, ‘what is this teaching me?’. Whatever the situation, if we can ask ourselves what it is teaching us, we will always have some value addition from it.

Try asking yourself, ‘which relationships enrich my life/which ones drain me out?’ and you’ll find that you can actually save yourself a lot of heartache by focusing on the enriching ones and maybe foregoing the ones that drain you.

As we ask ourselves these questions, we start to orient our minds towards what is useful for us. We start to look for ways to find answers and as we give honest answers, we start to feel a shift in our way of thinking.

Powerful questions make you think of possibilities and open up new vistas. If asked the right question, every situation in life turns into an opportunity – you just need to know what to ask yourself.

Some questions may make you step out of your comfort zone or may make you uncomfortable – but it is these questions which then change your life to what you desire it to be.

So go ahead, ask yourself a few great questions – or if that seems difficult, maybe a life coach could help you. Questions, truly are the best answers!