The Entrepreneurial Journey - wings-team
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The Entrepreneurial Journey

Seven years back started our ‘entrepreneurial’ journey – a word that I still can’t spell or pronounce absolutely correctly! It’s always baffled me as to why the linguists of the world kept such a tongue- twister for a name of the journey which already is back-breaking, to put it mildly! But well! Such are the ways of the world (or the linguists of the world)!

As I was saying, this ‘entrepreneurial’ journey started 7 years back – and my partner and I have lived every syllabi of this tough and mouthful expression – maybe the word symbolizes the nature of the journey – every time you think you’ve got it – there’s a surprise! You probably left something out and have to start over again!

It’s a long word – and believe you me – so is this journey. There’s a struggle, a constant effort which is required to get the pronunciation just right – and everyone probably has his/ her own way of saying it. That’s pretty much the life of an entrepreneur – there’s constant, consistent effort which goes into making this journey a success. Many-a-times, one wants to give up – probably look for a softer option – use an easier word – but that indefatigable spirit never lets you give up. There are times when the frustrations are so high and there doesn’t seem any end to the road – but still we, entrepreneurs tread on – relentlessly – not pausing long enough to let the fatigue take over!

So what goads one on? What is this passion that keeps one carry on – almost obstinately!

Everyone has their own reason. For us, it’s been the fulfillment of our vision – of growing ourselves and helping other women to grow.

And as they say, if you wish for something long enough and passionately enough AND take unswerving, consistent steps towards it – the universe conspires with you.

And we started getting the word right – slowly and surely, the pronunciation became easier – we started meeting remarkable people who helped us on – egged us on, guided us, supported us and pushed us to deliver our best. A wonderful team came together and we found WINGS. When I say ‘we’ here- I am referring to all the women who found an outlet for their dreams through the realization of our dream.

When you finally get the word – the spellings and the pronunciation – and say it out loud- it is almost musical – you can hear tinkling lilt in the inflexion at the ‘-neurial’ part and you feel your heart smile – it is, after all, a smile earned yet to become a full-throated laughter – but the harbinger nonetheless!