I want to create ‘me’ the way I want - wings-team
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I want to create ‘me’ the way I want

In a coaching session today, my coachee said – I want to create ‘me’ the way I want. I found that extremely powerful – to decide to not let circumstances create us- to take charge and be what we want to be and not ‘have’ to be or ‘get’ to be.
It’s in the language – it’s in the way we talk to ourselves that we create ourselves too. If I just say this sentence to myself – and even substitute the ‘want’ with ‘decide’, suddenly it’s a resolve. A decision to settle for nothing less than what I want to be.
What I want need not be very ambitious – I can decide to be just a very fun person or I can decide to be the best in my field –  but this one sentence makes me a person I’ve ‘decided’ to be and not a child of destiny.
With just a few words, I’ve put myself in the driver’s seat. The options of how to do this open up the moment we decide. And then each step takes us forward towards it.
All we have to do is decide to take charge – one small decision with profound effect