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The Entrepreneurial Journey

Seven years back started our ‘entrepreneurial’ journey – a word that I still can’t spell or pronounce absolutely correctly! It’s ...
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The Power of Questions

We always live life looking for answers, whereas if we ask ourselves some powerful questions, we’d automatically come up with ...
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The Inner Chatter

Ever taken note of this constant chatter that goes on within us? If you just pay attention, ‘you’ at any ...
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It All Starts With a Dream

can dream it, you can become it’ – William Arthur Sure, this quote is pretty motivational. But is it just ...
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The ‘Invisibles’ during a Coaching Session

So, a life coach is trained to draw out the best in you. How does he/she do this? By asking ...
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Can anyone be allergic people?

Recently at a party, someone mentioned to me… “You work curing allergies. What if I am allergic to people?” Allergic ...
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