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Self Coaching: Dealing with change

Change is harder for some people.. And I guess I’m a staunch member of this club. The change leaves me ...
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I want to create ‘me’ the way I want

In a coaching session today, my coachee said – I want to create ‘me’ the way I want. I found ...
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Transformational Vocabulary -A Powerful Coaching Tool

What’s in a word….. Well! I say – everything! The word you use is the experience you’ll have! If you ...
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Transformational Vocabulary- The Story We Tell Ourselves

7:23 AM.  Ouch!!! And, then my body yawned… Creaking as every muscle stretched, trying to become longer preparing for the ...
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Soft Focus

What do you understand when I say ‘soft focus’? Before I started with coaching as a profession, I believed the ...
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‘LABELS’ We give Ourselves

Ever wondered how we always live up to the ‘labels’ we give ourselves? When we can ourselves ‘punctual’, ‘spiritual’ or ...
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